Special Events

From time to time, PVAS sponsors or participates in special outings and events.  Check back often to see upcoming activities.

Baltimore National Aquarium Field Trip

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Brooklyn Aquarium Society (BAS) and four other clubs from that area are traveling to Baltimore on Saturday, 20 May 2017 to visit the National Aquarium. Michael Barber, PVAS Interim President & co-owner of a 'tourism' business--GoWIldPeru, LLC--is purchasing discount tickets for those coming from the NYC area, so BAS invited PVAS members to join in the visit.

The visit will also include an opportunity to visit Discus Hans' facility. 

Tentative entry time is 10:30 with no waiting in-line.

Sign-up by 1 April 2017
Payment due 30 April 2017

Cost - Admission includes the Dolphin Discovery:
$17.95 Ages 3-11 ($2 off)
$23.95 Ages 12-18 ($4 off)
$27.95 Ages 19-64 ($4 off)
$23.95 Seniors ($4 off) 
Pay by cash or check payable to PVAS at any PVAS event.

Pay by PayPal to Treasurer@PVAS.com. Please pay the amount below to cover PayPal fees. Insufficient funds sent via PayPal will result in no ticket.
$18.80 Ages 3-11
$24.97 Ages 12-18
$29.09 Ages 19-64
$24.97 Seniors

Sign up sheets for the field trip will be available at the meeting.

Watch the forum or facebook page for updates.