Monthly Membership Meetings

November Membership Meeting

In November, our speaker will be Andrew Blumhagen, who will speak on "Why Bristlenose Plecos Have Bristles".

About Andrew

Andrew has been fascinated with aquatic life from his childhood when his father kept an aquarium with incompatible fishes (African butterflyfish with neon tetras) and blue gravel.  His own first aquarium was ironically kept while overseas in Pakistan, where the fish store stocked New World staples like guppies, mollies and tetras, despite the incredible local diversity of fishes.  Later in college he kept a goldfish in a plastic Tupperware bowl, until finally his roommate gave him an old 20-gallon tank which he stocked with his own incompatible fishes (neon tetras and baby oscars) and blue gravel.

In 1996 Andrew had his first fish spawn, the dwarf honey gourami.  He attended his first PVAS auction in 1998, joined the club and was immediately drafted into service.  He served as Delta Tale editor, at-large board member, Vice President and finally President of the club.  At the same time he began work for a custom aquarium installation and service company.  As President of PVAS, he envisioned an event to set the club apart and attract aquarists from all over the world - the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention.  Andrew opened and closed an aquarium store and was determined to walk away from the aquarium hobby until he met Jeanette, who fatefully asked him how many aquaria would fit into "that space under the stairs."  Since then they together have maintained a modest fish room of 20-40 aquaria and keep a variety of freshwater fishes including catfishes, guppies, cichlids, and more.

About Our Meetings

Normally on the 1st Saturday of each month (except July), at 1:00 pm to about 5:00 pm. At every meeting we have a program,  raffle, refreshments, and mini-auction! See the calendar for meeting schedules.

Speakers, Videos, Slide Presentations etc... something different each month.

Mini-Auction - PVAS members can enter fish-related items for sale, anyone can buy.

PVAS meetings are held at the following location in the cafeteria:

Green Acres School
4401 Sideburn Road
Fairfax, Virginia

Inclement Weather Policy: In the event of bad weather, the PVAS meeting will be cancelled if Fairfax County Schools cancel activities. Also, a posting will be made to the PVAS forum, notifying members of the cancellation.
Directions from Washington, DC:
    •    Take I-66 West
    •    Take the VA-123 S, exit 60, toward FAIRFAX
    •    Stay straight to go onto Chain Bridge Rd/VA-123
    •    Turn LEFT onto Armstrong St
    •    Turn RIGHT onto Sideburn Rd
    •    The school is at the end of the road.

Green Acres

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2018 Events

January 6: Jeremy Basch “Auchenipteridae – The Wonderful Woodcatfish”

February 3: Devon Graham “On the Origin of Species, or why are there so many fish in the Amazon?”

March 10: Panel Discussion -- Jim Chitty Frank Cowherd, Don Kinyon, and Dave Sombach “Successful Fish Breeding”, moderated by  Patchin Curtis

April 8 (Sunday): Spring All-Day Auction

May 5: Gary Lange “Cruising Papua - Following New Roads and Exploring the 'Bird’s Head'”

June 2: Larry Jinks “Building My Fish Room”

July 7: Bowl Show

August 4: Workshop: Christine Keys and TBD “Drilling and Repairing Glass Tanks”

September 1: Barbie Fiorentino Spawning Loricariidae

October 4-6: All-Aquarium Catfish Convention

October 7 (Sunday): Fall All-Day Auction at Hyatt Regency Dulles

November 3: Andrew Blumhagen “Why Bristlenose Plecos Have Bristles” and Annual Meeting, Elections, Workshop

December 1: Holiday Party