BAP Forms

NOTE: These forms are not currently available.  The links will be updated shortly.

The following documents are available for download in MS Word (.DOC) and Adobe Reader (.PDF) formats:

REVISED Spawning Report      

This version of the Spawning Report notes which fields are required and which are optional, removes fields that are not used, and gives the requirements for reporting, checking, verification, and spawning summaries.

Requirement Change Proposal (RCP)       

Please use this form to propose point changes to species, request subspecies and variants be separately eligible, add new species or catchall categories, or request a lower number of minimum fry.

Process Modification Proposal (PMP):        

Please use this form to propose changes to the BAP rules and processes.

2018 Events

January 6: Jeremy Basch “Auchenipteridae – The Wonderful Woodcatfish”

February 3: Devon Graham “On the Origin of Species, or why are there so many fish in the Amazon?”

March 10: Panel Discussion -- Jim Chitty Frank Cowherd, Don Kinyon, and Dave Sombach “Successful Fish Breeding”, moderated by  Patchin Curtis

April 8 (Sunday): Spring All-Day Auction

May 5: Gary Lange “Cruising Papua - Following New Roads and Exploring the 'Bird’s Head'”

June 2: Larry Jinks “Building My Fish Room”

July 7: Bowl Show

August 4: Workshop: Christine Keys and TBD “Drilling and Repairing Glass Tanks”

September 1: Barbie Fiorentino Spawning Loricariidae

October 4-6: All-Aquarium Catfish Convention

October 7 (Sunday): Fall All-Day Auction at Hyatt Regency Dulles

November 3: Andrew Blumhagen “Why Bristlenose Plecos Have Bristles” and Annual Meeting, Elections, Workshop

December 1: Holiday Party