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4/24/2018 5:33 PM

For those that Know Monte, this is a welcome site.... He has not been as involved in recent years... and was one the premier killie breeders some time back...

If yo uhaven't had the opportunity to hear Monte talk on killies, this may be one of those rare times with not too many more likely.   While it is a bit of a drive, from DC to Richmond, I do it almost every PVAS meeting, so why not carpool and join your friends in the south......

David Sombach


Hi Gang,


We will be holding our April 2018 James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting Wednesday, April 25th, at 7:00 PM at Logo Advantage, 8007A Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. This is the same location that we hold our yearly all-day auctions. As usual we will hold our (optional) monthly pre-dinner-meeting gathering at 5:30 pm at Route 360 Pizzeria located at 8036 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. Join us early if you can as our speaker is usually present and you can get to know them, and your fellow members better.


Our Guest Speaker and Program: Monty Lehmann will give a program called: “A Very Brief Introduction to the Wonderful World of Killifish.




Monty Lehmann is an avid JRAS member. He and his wife enjoy the companionship of four dogs (their kids). Monty has kept and bred tropical fish for more than 50 years. His former career involved working as a research physicist and high voltage engineer. Unfortunately, he was disabled by a severe car accident in 2006, and due to declining health, was forced to retire in 2013.


Monty has bred many hundreds of species of fish, all freshwater, including cichlids, gourami’s, barbs, catfish and numerous species of killifish, and currently maintains six aquariums of various species of fish.


Monty has been the Chairman of the 1000-member American Killifish Association. He was also a past President of the San Diego Tropical Fish Society and a founding member of both the San Diego Killie Group and the Chesapeake Area Killie Club.


His talk will be a very brief introduction to the breadth of killifish keeping. Depending on interest, Monty can follow up with more detail on the many subgroups of killifish keeping.


About This Month’s Membership Meeting

As usual, there will be a prize drawing at this meeting for our members. See Chuck McClung, Membership Chair, for details. The JRAS Membership Committee is usually at our meeting a few minutes early for those who want to pay their membership dues and be eligible for the prize drawing at this meeting. 

HomeHomeForumForumJames River Aqu...James River Aqu...JRAS MONTHLY MEETING   APRIL 25th, 2018JRAS MONTHLY MEETING APRIL 25th, 2018