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6/13/2018 10:26 AM

BOWL SHOW RULES are provided here so both member and non-members have access to them.

This year's BOWL SHOW is on Saturday  July 7, 2018. 

You must be a member to enter fish in the BOWL SHOW.            But you can sign up to be a member now or at the BOWL SHOW.   PVAS Membership is available for individuals and families: http://pvas.com/Membership/Join-PVAS

The idea of the BOWL SHOW is to show what healthy adult tropical fish look like and provide members with an event to show their fish.   So bring one fish or two or more and have fun WHILE learning to transport your fish to and from a show. You should consider the BOWL SHOW a trial run or experience in preparing your fish for any BIG show (there are actually many big shows like those run by the ACA, and AKA, IFGA, and some of our sister aquarium clubs) or just an opportunity to increase you knowledge and experience in the hobby. Learn how to transport it, get it set up in the show and then get it back home without compromising its health. So bring a fish and get some experience and maybe win some cash and ribbons. People who bring fish each year have learned the basis and rarely loose fish. You can start with just one hardy fish entry, like a goldfish, a guppy, or a catfish.

Other notes related to the BOWL SHOW:

Link #1.  Announcement of two BOWL SHOWS this year:  http://pvas.com/Forum/forumid/1/posti...ope/posts#78368

Link #2.  Safely Transporting Your Fish to and from a BOWL SHOW (including notes on maximizing oxygen levels for the fish):  http://pvas.com/Forum/forumid/1/postid/78388/scope/posts#78388


:happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish:  BOWL SHOW RULES FOR JULY 7TH 2018   :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish:

#1 - You must be a PVAS member to enter fish in the BOWL SHOW.   After all we are giving cash prizes as well as ribbons.

#2 – Only one fish per bowl UNLESS the class requires a pair or allows a school of fish. 

#3 - A bowl is defined as a regular all-glass or plastic fish bowl or any commercial glass or plastic aquarium.  If you want to use a tank  larger than a ten-gallon tank,  you must bring your own stand.  We will use the available tables for all other bowls and tanks.

#4 – The bowl or tank must have at least one flat side so judges can see an undistorted view of your fish. 

#5 – The bowl must not be decorated. No decorations are allowed inside or outside of the bowl with the exception of a small sprig of Java moss, hornwort or similar item when showing shrimp.  

#6 - The bowl must not be painted.  Only a bare bowl or tank or critter keeper is acceptable.

#7 - The bowl should be covered to prevent the fish from jumping out.  Lids or plastic wrap as a lid are highly recommended.   PVAS will supply clear colorless plastic wrap which you can use to cover the container.

#8 – Lights and heaters are not allowed.   You might want to acclimate a fish to 70 -78 degrees for the show since the room will be about this temperature.  See notes in link #2 above.

#9 – No air will be provided.   There are only a few outlets in the room.  If you must have air for your fish, you must use a battery powered air pump.  But you should not need to provide air.  You can maximize the oxygen getting to your fish if the water is clean, the surface area is the maximum it can be, and the water depth is low but still allows the fish to swim normally.   See notes in link #2 above.

#10 – Decisions of the judge(s) are final.

Bring at least one fish and join the fun. All attendees, even if you are not showing fish, can participate by voting for the PEOPLE's CHOICE AWARD. The fish that wins this award gets a cash award and ribbon for its owner.

Frank Cowherd,  BOWL SHOW Chairman 2018

:happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish::happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish: :happyfish:

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