PVAS Foundation

The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society Foundation solicits entities with trained personnel and the appropriate equipment to submit applications for grants of $1,000.00 for research and development leading to the improvement of the survival of wild caught tropical fish.

Such improvements can be directed at any or all of the following areas for improved health of tropical fish in general or of a specific species of fish:
•Identify the types of diseases and parasites wild caught fish typically have.
•Identify effective treatments of such diseases and parasites of wild caught fish and methods for these treatments for fish in holding tanks prior to shipment.
•Identify critical parameters for improvement of housing of wild caught fish while awaiting shipment to pet stores and hobbyists.
•Identify critical parameters and procedures for improving shipping of tropical fish from country of origin to pet stores and hobbyists.
•Identify improved acclamation procedures for shipped fish being transferred from shipping containers to pet shop or hobbyist tanks.

The overall goal is to conserve wild fish in their native waters by increasing the survival rate of wild caught fish and bring into the hobby healthy, parasite-free fish that have a better chance to acclimate to and survive in the hobbyist's aquarium.

Grants will be made for a period of one year and are renewable. Grant applications must include goals and methods to be used in the research or development process. A final report is required outlining procedures used and findings within one month of the end of the grant period.

Publication of result in scientific and or hobbyists publications is encouraged.

Grants are funded by donations to the PVAS FOUNDATION. Please donate. Donations to the PVAS FOUNDATION are tax deductible.