Committee Descriptions

PVAS committees take care of everything from the coffee provided at monthly meetings to planning and executing major events like Aquafest and the Catfish Convention. Serving on a club committee is a great way to meet members and have fun. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the chairman through the PVAS forum. Committees are listed at the bottom of the forum in a separate area marked, “Committees and Planning.” As an all-volunteer club, we can’t do what we do without you!


The Auction Committee is in charge of monthly mini-auctions at club meetings, as well as large auctions in the spring and fall. The committee coordinates sellers and buyers, calls at the auctions, runs the software for the auction, collects funds for sales, and makes sure that funds are disbursed to the buyers. Runners during the auctions are always needed.

Breeders' Award Program (BAP)

One focus of PVAS is on friendly competition. The Breeders Award Program encourages members to breed their fish for points, with awards given out at the end of the year. More info and submissions are made in the BAP section on our forum.


The PVAS by-laws govern our meetings and committees, and define our organizational structure. Ongoing review and evaluation of the by-laws is necessary to be sure that the by-laws are current and in compliance with the club mission.

Field Trips/Open Houses

Field Trips to "That Fish Place" and other local stores, are typically planned for the spring.


Food, coffee and soft drinks are provided at every monthly meeting. Typically we have a cooler of sodas, a cake, and appetizers like dips, wings, nachos, fruit platters and vegetables. Help is always needed to transport food and drinks, as well as set up and break down the hospitality table. The hospitality committee also runs the refreshment stand at the twice yearly auctions. Help is always needed and appreciated!


The membership committee processes membership applications and renewals, tracks member information, puts together new member packets, and makes membership cards each year. Committee members also greet new members and do a count of participants at meetings.


This committee garners support from local businesses. It also keeps the supporting organization list up-to-date on the website with the help of the webmaster, and creates an up-todate list of local fish stores. Outreach committee members work with local businesses to get the word out on our club, come up with charity programs that PVAS can contribute to or participate in. Outreach also acts as a liaison with the local press, notifying them of events in the club and issuing press releases.


Speakers are the main event at our monthly meetings and a huge part of our club. The speakers committee ensures that PVAS has monthly speakers lined up for meetings and ensures that speakers get to the meetings. Many speakers come from out of town and speaker committee members are responsible for transportation and arranging accommodations for our speakers.


Our club is constantly changing and computerization plays a big role in that change. The technology committee is in charge of automating important systems such as the auction, breeders' award program, fish shows, membership and other databases within the club. Techies are always welcome!

Raffles and Door Prizes

The Raffles and Door Prizes Committee is in charge of the club's raffles and door prizes for meetings. Raffles and door prizes are done at monthly meetings, twice a year large auctions, and at special events. Members of the committee perform a letter writing campaign to manufacturers and other businesses to solicit merchandise for the club to raffle and give away as door prizes.

2018 Events

January 6: Jeremy Basch “Auchenipteridae – The Wonderful Woodcatfish”

February 3: Devon Graham “On the Origin of Species, or why are there so many fish in the Amazon?”

March 10: Panel Discussion -- Jim Chitty Frank Cowherd, Don Kinyon, and Dave Sombach “Successful Fish Breeding”, moderated by  Patchin Curtis

April 8 (Sunday): Spring All-Day Auction

May 5: Gary Lange “Cruising Papua - Following New Roads and Exploring the 'Bird’s Head'”

June 2: Larry Jinks “Building My Fish Room”

July 7: Bowl Show

August 4: Workshop: Christine Keys and TBD “Drilling and Repairing Glass Tanks”

September 1: Barbie Fiorentino Spawning Loricariidae

October 4-6: All-Aquarium Catfish Convention

October 7 (Sunday): Fall All-Day Auction at Hyatt Regency Dulles

November 3: Andrew Blumhagen “Why Bristlenose Plecos Have Bristles” and Annual Meeting, Elections, Workshop

December 1: Holiday Party